At 60° north, Shetland’s constantly changing colours and textures will take your breath away. Whether arriving for the first time or returning you can be sure of a great welcome. This bustling archipelago of 23,000 people boasts abundant wildlife, a spectacular coastline, many archaeological sites and most of all world-famous textile heritage, that is still very much part of our culture.

Shetland is composed of over 100 islands, of which 17 are inhabited and it occupies a maritime crossroads where the North Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Despite its remoteness, harsh climate and exposed terrain, Shetland has attracted people to its shores for thousands of years.

From Viking times come the first records of our spoken culture – not just in the occasional saga references to Shetland but also in the thousands of local place names, almost all of which are Norse, and in the hundreds of dialect words still in daily use, particularly in connection with nature, livestock, farming, fishing, boats, the sea and the weather.

Come to discover and explore our islands, our spectacular coastal scenery and our culture.

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Shetland is easily accessible by ferry from Aberdeen or by plane from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen or Inverness. During summer we also have a weekly flight from Bergen.