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Shetland Wool Adventures Journal vol.4 Designs Preview

Shetland Wool Adventures Journal features stunning photography, knitting patterns, walks, interesting stories, interviews, recipes and some personal insights into the lives of the Shetland’s top knitters and craftspeople. Shetland is a beautiful and inspiring place and the Journal aims to bring a little piece of our magical isles to your home.

You can pre-order your copy here. And don’t forget we now also offer an annual subscription.

Here’s a sneak peek at this volume’s designs.

23 comments on “Shetland Wool Adventures Journal vol.4 Designs Preview”

Lovely patterns and a beautiful place. Looking forward to visiting and hopefully taking part in your Shetland knitting adventures very soon
J x

Delighted to see the Fireglow cowl as the colours look similar to the Bonfire gloves in SWW 2021 which I’ve already knitted. An a lugwarmer too; I can see that being really useful for winter walks !! Lovely patterns – many thanks.

The fire glow cowl makes me feel like I am sitting by a warm fire on a cold windy night in the Shetlands. And that’s quite a stretch because I live in sunny Southern California!

Stunningly beautiful patterns and background landscapes. I love how each item is thoughtfully crafted, with histories, stories and inspiration woven into the designs.

Thank you for this delicious taster for the next journal. I am spending my last evening in Lerwick before our journey home to Devon. Pattern and colours in this edition are evocative, gorgeous and practical. Looking forward to digging into my Spindrift stash and finding I have to order even more!!

Loved all the patterns. The decision is which one will I start first. Love the photos and the gorgeous models. Look forward to my volume

Misa — you look gorgeous in that slipover! Wonderful patterns, now to decide what to do first!

Your Shetland Wool Adventures are one of the few magazines I purchase and keep on my shelf.
My husband’s family is from Scotland and I have visited many times. One of my favorite places.
Thank you for your time and effort to make these gorgeous publications

I love the fireglow cowl which I’ll knit first! Just love all the patterns. You also included some fair isle socks which is great.

I’m so looking forward to this edition. From the exquisite and atmospheric cover to the amazingly beautiful hand knits, it’s a complete triumph.

The quality of your publication is absolutely perfection personified. You have worked so hard to ensure that the content is also top notch. I feel like I am transported to the localities of the photographs and descriptions and your patterns and designs are the true highlight of every journal. They sit prominently on my reading table in my living room and I reread them often, sharing them with friends and family. You should be feeling “no so bad” about your accomplishment. Hope to see you in person soon.

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